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Wibbitz Introduces New Set of Customization Tools to its Automated Video Creation Platform for Publishers

Wibbitz, the leading automated text-to-video creation platform, has announced a new set of customization tools for publishers, enhancing their editorial and creative branding capabilities. Wibbitz’s Creative Kitcompliments its intelligent automation technology to streamline customization, so publisher teams can quickly produce videos that maintain their brand’s voice, style, and identity. The Creative Kit is an important addition to Wibbitz’s video solution because it expands publishers’ creative control over their content, while still benefiting from the simplicity and scale that automation provides.

Each of the new features are based on concepts Wibbitz collaborated on with its premium partners including USA Today Sports Media Group, Bonnier, and Hearst. The tools enable publishers to easily add their creative touch to each video, and have already resulted in over a 30% increase in the number of videos published week-over-week. The Creative Kit adds a new layer of editorial sophistication to Wibbitz’s Control Room platform with features including:

Wibbitz & Custom Partner Themes: Wibbitz Themes are a unique and fundamental part of the new customization capabilities added to Wibbitz’s platform. Themes are packaged design and graphic elements that automatically add animations, transitions, and effects within a video. Publishers can select the Theme that best fits their brand and story to automate post-production for a video. Several custom Themes are already in progress for major publishers, and are set to launch in the coming months.

Branded Graphics Colors: Videos created with Wibbitz automatically include a publisher’s logo and coloring, and with the new customization enhancements users can also change the graphics color for an individual video. Publisher teams can establish a color to brand videos as a specific series or topic, allowing them to diversify their video library with no additional work.

Advanced Media, Sound, & Text Overlay Editing: A suite of new editorial tools have been added for media, sound, and text overlays so users can effortlessly add their creative influence. These features include adding social media posts to videos, changing sound bite volume, and adjusting text overlay alignment. These new tools allow publishers to develop their own creative formats and strategy for creating automated videos using Wibbitz.

“The customization tools that Wibbitz has added to its platform are extremely important to our team and their ability to tell a story in a different way using video. Automation makes it possible for us to consistently produce a large scale of video, but it’s the creative tools that allow us to make our videos unique and cut through the noise,” said Neal Coolong, Senior Editor, NFL Sites at USA TODAY Sports Media Group. “Each new customization feature has lead us to try new variations and formats for the videos we create with Wibbitz, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come in the future.”

Wibbitz’s text-to-video technology has proven to be extremely valuable in supporting publishers to meet increasing demands for digital and mobile video. The Wibbitz Creative Kit builds on the existing Control Room platform, so publishers can better engage their audience and monetize content with more vibrant videos.

“There is no other platform that can produce thousands of high-quality videos each day, but we understand that publishers need the tools to take that one step further in order to create truly inspiring videos,” said Yaron Bloch, Head of Product at Wibbitz. “Automation can manage 80% of the process, but it’s the human touch of our talented partners that will carry out the remaining 20% to produce an outstanding video.”

This is the first set of many new tools that Wibbitz will roll out as part of the Creative Kit, with plans to add more customization features for current events, social media, and mobile.

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