Millennial Marketers More Likely to Use Online Video, Says Report

The way that marketers try to build an audience is changing, and that change is being driven by millennial marketers.

We’re not talking about marketers who are trying to reach millennials, but marketers who are millennials. According to a survey by video editing company Magisto, millennial and baby boomer marketers have the same goal—attracting new customers—but they go about it in completely different ways.

HandsMillennial markers are 40 percent more likely to use social media to get their message out that rely on word-of-mouth advertising. Baby boomers are 112 percent more likely to use radio ads than are millennials.

The survey found that millennial marketers are 136 percent more likely than baby boomers to create videos for social platforms. Two-thirds of SMB create at least four marketing videos per year. Here’s what they’re putting in those videos (there’s some overlap).

  • 50 percent: How-to or educational information
  • 43 percent: Product or service overview
  • 39 percent: Brand storytelling
  • 22 percent: Virtual tours
  • 21 percent: Customer testimonials
  • 19 percent: Event or promotion recaps

How SMBs distribute those videos also varies by the marketer. Millennials, for example, are 183 percent more likely to post videos to Instragram than are baby boomers. Also, a quarter of millennials post videos to company blogs and mobile apps, a tactic almost never used by baby boomers.

“The survey found that 85 percent of SMBs are currently using video or intend to use video in the near future,” says Reid Genauer, Magisto’s chief marketing officer. “We are at an inflection point in the adoption of video marketing driven by an understanding of the power of video—especially among the younger generation, who are leveraging different marketing tools and strategies than their older counterparts.”

Magisto arrived at its data by surveying 565 SMBs on their video marketing strategy using an online survey. Download the full report, “Unlocking the Most Powerful Shift in SMB Marketing,” for free (no registration required).


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