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3 Takeaways on Video Ad Effectiveness From Yahoo’s Video Report

What makes some video ads more effective than others? Yahoo studied the area with Nielsen and Hunter Qualitative to find out. Here are three key takeaways from Yahoo’s report.

  1. Optimize for Screen Alignment: When viewers see a landscape video ad horizontally or a portrait video ad vertically, they not only get a better picture, they also increase their affinity for the brand. AlignmentAdvertisers can see lifts of 20 percent on brand affinity and 33 percent on purchase intent when showing landscape videos horizontally rather than vertically. Even more impressive, they can see affinity gains of 80 percent and purchase intent gains of 100 percent by presenting portrait video ads vertically. Offering horizontal landscape is the best option, the report notes, saying “Horizontal is more effective at increasing familiarity and purchase intent when compared to the relatively newer vertical portrait ads.”
  1. Focus on Emotion for Millennials: Young adults are open to connecting with ads. Dramatic ads see a 33 percent rise in brand affinity. Humorous spots see a 50 percent lift in brand familiarity. Millennials also appreciates informational ads, which show a 31 percent lift in purchase intent and a 27 percent lift in brand affinity.
  1. Go Native: While not everyone loves auto-start video ads in native environments, Yahoo found they work. They deliver 51 percent better aided recall, 10 percent higher brand familiarity, and 4 percent higher brand affinity compared to user-initiated ads.

“It’s exciting to see how native video ads have taken off,” says Kathy Kayse, vice president of sales strategy and solutions for Yahoo. “Our study revealed some fascinating insights on consumers’ viewing behavior. It turns out, consumers are responding really well to native video ads including auto-start formats. Compared to user-initiated ads, people who watched auto-start native ads were more likely to remember the brand. Plus, brand affinity was higher.”

The report also includes eight video advertising best practices, and compares the effectiveness of 15-second and 30-second ads.

View “Creative Best Practices: Video Ads” for free (no registration required).


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