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Vidyard Offers 5 Ways Brands Can Use Online Video for Marketing

Is your company’s online video strategy stuck in a rut? At the recent Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, ran into Tyler Lessard, chief marketing officer at video marketing solutions company Vidyard, who offered five creative ways brands can break out and connect with their customers using video.

Vidyard“Leverage video in a creative way as part of your explainers or product videos by leveraging interactive content to understand more about your actual viewers or your buyers,” Lessard said. “Rather than just showing them what you do, ask them questions throughout the video. Use interactive elements to ask survey questions to gather information from them as a way to not only get them more engaged, but to learn more about them as you go through the content.”

If you’re stuck making only one kind of video, it’s time to explore all the different types fo vides you could create. Adding interactive elements is a great way to deepen engagement. The viewer goes from passive mode to active mode. If this appeals to you, work with a video marketing company that supports interactive elements.

Besides explaining products, videos are a terrific way to create brand identity. If your CEO is expressive and connects well with customers, make him or her a video star. You can also bring a camera to your offices or events, showing viewers what the culture is like.

“Use video for innovative new ways beyond just explaining what you do or how you do it. Culture videos are a great way throughout the year, particularly around the holidays, to build brand affinity with your users,” Lessard suggested. “Sometimes you want to create a video just to make them laugh, just to show them what you are and who you are, and to bring more of a face to your brand for your online audiences.”

For more of Lessard’s creative tips, watch the full video below.


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  1. It’s really hard to take tips about video from a company that has no idea at all how to shoot a video. I mean- look at the video- No light. No microphone- except the camera-mounted shotgun- and it is being run on automatic, which brings up the ambient noise of the corridor ventilation system almost as much as the person speaking. It gets worse the farther he is from the camera!

    There is no B-Roll (no examples of what is being talked about) and no reason to ever use this company for anything, based on the poor quality of the video submitted.

    On our website- sometimes we are stuck with having to show less-than-ideal videos, due to content which is important- but was shot by amateurs. This example is not what I would expect to see being offered from a serious video publication…

    Posted by Dave | April 12, 2016, 12:47 pm
    • You’re not wrong, and is to blame. When we see thought leaders at conferences, we like to pull them aside and take a quick video to share with readers. Obviously there was no special lighting or sound equipment involved. We like to think our readers benefit from this quick and informal approach to information sharing.

      Posted by Troy Dreier | April 12, 2016, 3:21 pm
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