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Marketers’ Biggest Challenge in 2016: Getting Meaningful Insights

As an online marketer, you create assets for various platforms designed to further your brand, but how do you know any of them are working? You’ve got spreadsheets full of metrics, but what do those views and engagements actually tell you? Are you certain that they’re driving sales?

RaptFutureThe biggest challenge for marketers today is all about measuring the effectiveness of the content they create. Rapt, a company that build interactive media experiences for brands, has released the second part of its “The Future of Content” report, and this one is all about measurement challenges. Rapt surveyed 500 marketers to learn their thoughts on the subject.

Asked about their biggest fears when investing in content, 59 percent of surveyed marketers says it’s gaining deeper insights beyond clicks and views, while 58 percent say it’s being able to accurately measure return on investment (ROI).

Proving ROI is a real hurdle: 60 percent of business marketers say they can’t measure ROI on the content they produce, while 49 percent can’t measure content performance across all channels in aggregate.

“Marketers have a tremendous content measurement problem, saying that their biggest challenge with content is gaining deeper insights beyond clicks and views or initial consumption,” the report says. “They’re tasked with marrying the content they produce to business goals, such as being able to clearly demonstrate ROI and proving engagement. On top of that, marketers are increasingly being tasked to take measurement far beyond the initial engagement and map conversions directly back to the content experiences that they’ve invested in. However, they continue to find themselves with only surface-level metrics to connect the dots.”

For more data on measuring success, download part 2 of Rapt’s “The Future of Content” report. Also, read our story on part 1, which addressed the challenge of creating personalized content.


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