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Intubus Introduces E-Commerce Video API And Video ivPlayer for Retailers

Intubus, an online video solutions provider today announced the new e-commerce video API and the video ivPlayer for retailers. With the new vision of sale processes, Intubus opens new opportunities for interaction between retailers and customers and bring to a market a new way of the products presentation and sales operations.

The Intubus platform allows retailers to integrate the Intubus solutions through the open API. Online retailers can program any actions and to integrate it into ivPlayer. It allows merchants to interact with the customers when watching the video. That is, while watching a video, they can conduct surveys, post links, make purchases and products search, publish ads and interact.

Intubus Video API provides the ability to integrate fully with the online stores’ software. The ivPlayer easily customized and embedded on the product pages. Intubus provides a full-featured video hosting, transcodes different video formats, adapts video to any displays and devices. Detailed Analytics provides marketers with complete information and a variety of tools to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Intubus solutions ideal for online stores, enterprises, online video providers, education, and media. Using the ivPlayer for product presentations and interaction with customers, businesses will significantly increase customers loyalty, the numbers of informed buyers and the conscious purchases. Intubus opens up the possibility of introducing new interfaces based on the video content, the most efficient way to deliver information and helps convert video content into the direct sales channel.

Intubus will be on display at 2016 SVOD Conference (Silicon Valley Open Doors) in Mountain View, CA, May 25-26. More information on Intubus Video API is available at

About Intubus

Intubus is an online video solutions provider for users in online retail, enterprise, education, banking and media. Through an open API and the own video ivPlayer, Intubus provides solutions to increase sales and active interaction with the audience via video content, across a variety of digital systems and platforms. Intubus delivers video content in any format and transfers all sales processes and interaction tools into video content to any devices, and in all possible ways. For more information visit

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