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Upcoming Adobe Primetime Feature Creates Customizable Commercials

Imagine creating a single online video commercial and having it automatically customize itself to match the tastes of each individual viewer. That’s the promise of an upcoming Adobe Primetime feature tentatively called Dynamic Vids.

The annual Adobe Summit marketing conference is taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, and one of the highlights of the show is a session that gives a sneak preview of products and features currently in the Adobe pipeline. One of the offerings shown this year is Dynamic Vids.

Jonathan Tabak presenting Dynamic Vids at Adobe Summit 2016

Jonathan Tabak presenting Dynamic Vids at Adobe Summit 2016

With this feature, producers first create a template from their commercial in Adobe After Effects, marking sections that can be customized. Then, using Primetime, they apply personalization to those areas, choosing demographics to target and linking matching creative elements. They can customize the video shown (even linking together multiple videos), background, text, and more. Demographic targeting data comes from Adobe Audience Manager.

“A brand can create a single television commercial that can be templated to create many variations that are personalized to the audiences they want to target,” says Jonathan Tabak, a group product manager for Primetime. Tabak oversees the group of products within Primetime that deal with advertising.

The feature will work with any device that plays video, and Tabak emphasizes that no SDK is required. Brands will be able to personalize video ads at scale.

Dynamic Vids has been in development for about a year so far. Adobe will trial it with agencies in the coming months, generating data about its effectiveness. Tabak expects it to be on the market sometime in early 2017, although that’s speculative at this point.

Before Dynamic Vids can go public, there’s still a little integration work to do on the backend so that it ties in with Adobe Primetime, Audience Manager, and After Effects. Adobe already offers a similar product for display advertising, and this is built on some of the same engines. At the start, it will only work with IP-delivered video. “We’re not supporting addressable TV now,” Tabak says, noting that the feature will require infrastructure changes to work in a real-time linear TV workflow.

Besides providing a new level of personalization, Dynamic Vids improves ad management, Tabak says. Brands can show thousands of versions of a spot, but will only need to track metrics for one ad.




In his demo, Tabak used a sports retailer commercial as an example, showing how it could grab different video elements and change background colors to reflect viewers’ interests.


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