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Marketers Say Creating Personalized Content Is Biggest Challenge

Creating customized content is a major challenge for marketers, one that many aren’t addressing. This news comes from a report created by Rapt Media, a company that builds interactive media experiences for brands.

RaptFutureThe report is called The Future of Content, and it’s based on a survey of 500 marketing creatives. Rapt found that 83 percent say creating personalized content is their biggest challenge. Additionally, 94 percent say that better content technology is key for creating work that’s more personalized and engaging.

But there’s a gap, Rapt finds, between what marketers say and what they do. They’re making content investments in marketing automation programs (69 percent), content distribution platforms (36 percent) and content creation platforms (17 percent).

“Although creatives understand that personalization means more productive content, they simply can’t develop content that is personalized enough for audiences using their current methods,” the report says. It suggests that marketers should be held to a higher standard, finding that 86 percent of respondents say they aren’t made accountable for business metrics from the content they produce.

The need for personalized marketing assets is especially true for online video marketing, says Rapt CEO and co-founder Erika Trautman.

“The problem is that most continue to create a linear, one-size-fits-all video experience and focus on the channel, distribution, or the ad, along with the tech that supports it, to try and accomplish personalization,” Trautman says. “But video content technology is continuing to emerge that allows them to focus instead on personalizing the video experience itself, making it interactive and giving viewers the ability to navigate and click through it in a way that’s customized to their specific interests.”

While focusing on creating personalized and interactive experiences requires a change in thinking and a reallocation of resources, Trautman says the shift is worth it. Personalized videos lead to deeper customer engagement, she notes

For more results, download the full report for free (registration required).


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