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Get to the Point: 5 Places Where Short Video Ads Perform Best

Is it better to go long or go short? Should your brand appeal to on-the-go viewers with mobile-friendly short video ads or develop TV-like longer videos that tell a story?

YuMeLength Short Video AdsOnline video advertising company YuMe has just released a report on ad lengths, and it’s fascinating reading. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, the report studies the effectiveness of various ad lengths, showing where each performs best.

Here’s what YuMe found for short ads:

  1. Short But Not Too Short. YuMe found that 5- and 10-second micro ads were too brief to make an impact on persuasion metrics. In fact, 5-second ads were worthless for persuasion. If that’s your goal, 15-second ads should be the baseline.
  1. Mobile Success. Shorter ads scored better for brand favorability and purchase intent on mobile devices where they take up the whole screen. If running a 5-second ad, include a voiceover that speaks brand messaging to boost ad recall.
  1. The Youth Vote. Millennials have grown up with short-form content and respond to it. They see short video ads as more enjoyable and of higher quality than older viewers do. That’s true for 5-, 10-, and 15-second ads.
  1. Quick Reminder. Short and long ads serve different purposes. Short video ads work better as a brief reminder for established brands. If you’re trying to create awareness around a new brand, however, choose a longer format so that you have time to communicate the essentials.
  1. The Right Pairing. Short ads paired with short content performed especially well in tests of unaided ad recall with smartphone viewers. That pairing turned in dramatically higher recall numbers than did short ads pared with longer content.

As YuMe’s study shows, it’s all about matching ad length, campaign goals, target viewers, and viewing platform. Download the full report—Understanding New Ad Lengths—for free (registration required). The download explains how YuMe measured its results, and where to use longer ads, as well.


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