CinaMaker Debuts at SXSW, Brings Muticam Production to Phones

Even after decades, South by Southwest Interactive is still a place for exciting tech to launch. Today, an app called CinaMaker made its debut at the conference, and it holds a lot of promise for on-the-fly video marketing and advertising. This free app brings multi-camera shooting and on-camera video editing to iOS and Android phones or tablets.

Cinamaker1With CinaMaker, video creators can sync up four mobile devices to create a wireless multicam production studio. Each device needs to have the CinaMaker app loaded. One device is the “director,” which is used to control the recording. You’ll probably want to use a tablet as the director, for the extra screen space, but it’s not required. The apps communicate over Wi-Fi, with the director able to import video from all the cameras. (Don’t forget tripods for those cameras, the CinaMaker team recommends.) Once you’ve finished a multicam recording, the director imports videos from the other devices. Play the synchronized videos back and select the shots you want just by tapping on them. If a completed video needs further editing, it can be imported into any editing program, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut.

You don’t need to pay anything to test out CinaMaker. The free version lets two devices communicate and create videos up to a minute long. Those videos can be shared on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. If you like what you see, there are two paid plans. The $9.99 annual plan lets you sync up four devices and create 1080p HD three-minute videos. The $29.99 annual plan lets you create videos of any length, transfer saved video to editing applications, and access Skype-based customer support.

There are already several impressive video creation tools for mobile devices, but CinaMaker’s multicam production abilities expand the limits of what can be done with phones or tablets. Create high-quality multicam videos from your next event, and have them online in minutes. For a low investment price, it’s a great way to communicate with fans and followers. The app is available for iOS now and will be available for Android by the end of the month.

Watch the video below to get an better idea of the CinaMaker interface.



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  1. So cool! can’t wait to use at my granddaughters birthday party!

    Posted by Lynda Mahana | March 16, 2016, 9:48 am
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