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Ad Attitudes: How Do Viewers Feel About the Video Ads They See?

You spend a lot of time trying to get consumers to look at and engage with your ads, but how do those people really feel about advertising? Digital marketing company eZanga surveyed over 1,100 people to learn how different groups view ads.

  • DemosBaby Boomers: Adults 55 and over are the least receptive to ads. They don’t want to interact with a human after viewing an ad, and 17 percent of them have ad blockers in place. The one thing they’re interested in is ads featuring celebrities: 13 percent said they’re more likely to view a mobile video ad to completion if there’s a celebrity in it. That’s the highest rate of any group.
  • Millennials: Young adults are okay with ads. They’re neutral to sponsored content (47 percent), believe the ads they see are relevant to their interests (20 percent), and will click on sponsored content (20 percent).
  • Generation Z: Teens often don’t distinguish mobile video content from ads. It sounds odd, but 31 percent said they rarely if ever are exposed to mobile ads, and only 3 percent use ad blockers. They must be seeing many more ads than they realize. This group is the least likely to respond to video ads featuring celebrities.

eZanga also dug into mobile video attitudes and found that 30 percent of all respondents were unlikely to skip videos if they’re funny. YouTube is the most common mobile video destination, but those 45 and older say they view more videos on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat were all unpopular mobile video destinations.

One-third of those surveyed say they view mobile video ads to completion between one and five times per week. Over half of adults 45 and older say they never view mobile video ads to completion.

For more, including stats on ad blocking, sponsored content, and ad interactions, download the full report for free (no registration required).


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