No More Walled Gardens: Pixability Offers Holistic Video Ad Buys

The video marketing pros at Pixability know the hassle: To reach online viewers you need to make ad buys on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but coordinating the assets for each platform is a chore, as is comparing their various metrics once the campaigns have run. These platforms are walled gardens, and each has its own workflow.

WalledGardenThat’s why Pixability announced Pixability v4 today, a buying platform that opens up the gates to the walled gardens and lets marketers buy buy across platforms and view results in a single, consistent manner. When marketers buy across these four essential video platforms, they gain the reach of television at a fraction of the cost.

One benefit to Pixability v4 is that marketers can set viewer targets once and know they’re applied across platforms. Another is that it’s a time-saver: The company promises that its pre-configured workflows let markers set up campaigns three times faster than they can with standard in-platform campaign planning tools. They can even load multiple assets and audience targets for concurrent campaigns.

While the multi-platform setup makes it easy to create campaigns, the multi-platform metrics make it just as simple to evaluate the results. Marketers view results on a single dashboard, and are able to asses results and download reports. Pixability’s Ad Recommendation Engine, custom audience targeting, and proprietary algorithms help campaigns reach exactly the right viewers. Marketers can expect to pay 48 percent less per completed view, 47 percent less per engagement, and 28 percent less for in-demographic views than industry benchmarks dictate, Pixability says.

One customer that appreciates Pixability’s reach is shoe and sportswear company Puma.

“Executing—and ultimately optimizing—our cross platform video ad campaigns with Pixability enables us to connect with consumers at every stage in their journey with Puma, and ultimately achieve the greatest impact,” says Hermann Hassenstein, Puma’s global head of communications planning.

The future of streaming video might be with walled gardens, but tools like Pixability v4 lets marketers break through those walls and reach their target audience no matter where they are.


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