Completion and Viewability Most Popular Video Campaign Objectives

When running an online video campaign, a high completion rate (or view-thru rate) is still the most popular objective, but viewability is gaining fast.

According to Q4 2015 market data compiled by video advertising technology company Videology, a strong completion rate was an objective of 62 percent of campaigns, while the viewability rate was an objective for 56 percent. Click-thru rate came in a distant third at 29 percent.

Videology_ViewabilityBut 2015 was a big year for viewability, and the data shows that it dramatically increased as a campaign objective throughout the year. While it was the primary objective for only 20 percent of campaigns in Q1, it almost tripled to 56 percent by Q4. There’s no telling when it will plateau, but viewability could soon overtake completion rate as the most popular goal.

Another trend in 2015 was the rise in mobile video advertising. Videology found that mobile campaigns increased by 700 percent year-over-year. Cross-screen advertising was also on the upswing: In Q4 over 80 percent of all online video campaigns streamed to a variety of devices. That showed a year-over-year increase of over 50 percent for cross-screen activity.

The verticals that most often ran online video campaigns in Q4 2015 were consumer goods (36 percent), restaurants (11 percent), and automotive (10 percent).

For more data, see the Q4 2015 Videology infographic below.



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