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VHX Launches a White Label Video App Creation Service at CES

Brooklyn-born VHX is expanding and now offers white label video app creation. The company began in 2012 by offering a way for independent filmmakers to monetize their work online. Comedy Central hired it, as did Aziz Ansari. The company didn’t create apps for each client, however, but sold movies through its own VHX app.

Now, it’s taking its app-creation knowledge and launching a whole new business channel. VHX will create Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Roku apps for interested brands and publishers. It can also add Chromecast casting to apps.

Right now, VHX is focusing on creators who want to sell subscriptions to their videos. The ideal target is a popular YouTuber who wants to create an exclusive subscription offering for die-hard fans. To test its service, VHX created apps for the YouTube channels Yoga With Adriane and Black & Sexy TV.

Clients work with VHX on the look and design they want, and can provide text or have VHX create it. They’ll need to upload their videos to the company. VHX will handle storage and distribution, and process all payments (it uses Stripe for credit card processing). It will also provide 24/7 email support for customers, assuring that any problems are resolved quickly. The company can go from idea to app store in only two to three weeks. Getting an app through the various app stores’ approval processes is a major pain point, but VHX promises to take care of it.

Since each app requires customization, there’s not a set price, but plan on budgeting $3,000 per app. That’s a yearly fee. VHX also takes a cut of $1 from each subscription. Creators can sell subscriptions in 14 countries.

“We’re excited to give content owners the power to launch apps on all the different devices that consumers are using to watch videos these days,” says Jamie Wilkinson, co-founder and CEO of VHX. “Creating your own apps can be a difficult and expensive process, especially if you don’t have an engineering or tech background. Our goal is to solve the technology problems so creators can focus on what they do best: making videos, building their brand and delighting their fans.”



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