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Online Video Ads Important for Major Movie Marketing: Tremor

The movie-watching experience is changing, finds the movie marketing experts at Tremor Video. After gathering data from its PlayBack panel, the online video advertising company notes that people are seeing fewer movies in theaters but many more movies at home. The results hold up for adults of any age, with the average adult now watching 1.4 movies in a theater each month, but 5.7 movies at home.

YouTubeAdInfographicSmall movie marketingWhile price and convenience are pushing people to watch more movies at home, consumers are watching more movies than ever. For example, 39 percent of millennials say they now watch fewer movies in theaters and 50 percent say they now watch more movies at home than they did 5 years ago.

Online video plays a role in driving that movie viewing. Tremor finds that online video advertising is the third most-common way for adults to learn about new movies (at 34 percent), following TV commercials (77 percent) and word-of-mouth (54 percent).

“As the consumer landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented and viewers’ attention span is shorter and shorter, it is critical that marketers leverage all platforms in order to grab their attention,” says Ariane Gut, vice president and head of insights and analytics at Tremor. “We know that consumers spend more time watching video across multiple devices than ever before.  Over one-third indicate that online video helped them discover a new movie and seven in ten say that they watch movie ads to completion.”

One advantage to online video ads is that they encourage viewers to learn more about the movie. After viewing an online video ad for a movie, consumers visited the movie’s website (27.7 percent), searched for reviews (21.8 percent), and looked for theaters (15.6 percent).

“When compared to traditional TV, the digital screen viewing experience is more conducive to taking immediate actions, such as researching information around the movie directly after the viewer is exposed to an online trailer,” Gut says. “And almost half of consumers say that online movie trailers are very or extremely motivating in getting them to see a movie into theaters.”

Tremor’s PlayBack panel surveys 18- to 64-year-olds recruited online through a third-party. All participants have a connected device and had streamed video within the previous week. These number have a margin of error of +/-5.4 percent.


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  1. Yeah I agree with you video marketing specially on youtube is most important. Youtube is second largest search engine on google.

    Posted by Preet Harpal | February 27, 2016, 12:51 am
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