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Video Marketing Success: Learn to Create an Effective Strategy

Video marketing solutions company Vidyard has uncovered the keys to video marketing success, so it’s throwing a party. Well, kind of. It issued a free report with a party theme. That’s close, right?

VidyardPinataVidyard and Ascend2 interviewed 228 business, marketing, and sales pros from around the world, asking them about achieving success with video marketing. The results are eye-opening.

When asked what the most challenging obstacles are to video marketing success, 44 percent of respondents said the lack of an effective strategy. Does this sound like your organization. One video is not a strategy. Respondents also said inadequate video budgets (41 percent), lack of compelling content (40 percent), and lack of production resources (39 percent).

“Video strategy is a common hurdle for marketers, but often more because video is siloed into its own component of the marketing department. The real value of video arises when used in conjunction with other marketing activities and is seamlessly integrated with marketers’ overall strategies,” the report says.

Much of the report is about what it takes to build that successful video marketing strategy. Asked what the most important objectives are in an effective video marketing strategy, the respondents’ most common answers were improving customer education (46 percent), increasing brand awareness (46 percent), and increasing online engagement (45 percent). Vidyard wondered why more marketers don’t focus on driving leads, which was an answer for only 23 percent of those surveyed.

“Video has been proven to improve lead qualification and nurturing, but less than 1⁄4 of marketers are focusing on this use for video,” the report notes. “There is a strong opportunity for marketers to use video consumption data to help qualify leads and nurture leads with content based on this data.”

For more on achieving video marketing success, download the full report for free (registration required).


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