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ZEFR Announces BrandID Suite, Organizing YouTube Content For Brands

ZEFR, the leading VideoID technology company, today announced its newest offering, BrandID Suite. BrandID Suite is a visualization of YouTube that has been filtered and organized for brands, helping them better understand the scale, quality and opportunity of the world¹s biggest video platform.

YouTube is becoming the best place for advertisers, replacing traditional media and TV because of its extensive quality content for the widest variety of topics. However, with so much content ­ 400 hours of new video uploaded every minute ­ it can be a challenge for advertisers to know how to harness the potential it offers. BrandID Suite uses ZEFR VideoID technology to identify and organize the best videos for brands on YouTube. The result is the visualization of over 6,000 topics that are grouped into larger packages to give brands and advertisers a comprehensive solution to best target their digital advertising campaigns. 

“Linear TV viewing is now in secular decline, with TV engagement far worse than ratings express,” said Rich Greenfield, analyst, BTIG. “Brands must find and engage consumers on digital & mobile platforms. ZEFR’s new YouTube visualization should help brands accelerate the shift of TV ad dollars to digital.”

With access to more data than any other YouTube partner, ZEFR has a deep understanding of what¹s available for advertisers on YouTube. BrandID Suite leverages this unique insight to package YouTube in a way that helps media buyers comprehend and appreciate their YouTube investments. This visualization is being shared for the first time during Advertising Week, as an invite-only demo of the technology. 

“We¹re constantly developing new ways to leverage our technology and data to deliver an advantage for marketers. BrandID Suite was engineered to make YouTube more accessible for brands,” said Tom Furukawa, head of product, ZEFR. “In effect, BrandID Suite merchandises YouTube content like TV, taking a page from media¹s past to lay the foundation for its future.²

About ZEFR

ZEFR is the leading VideoID technology company that empowers brands to discover and target their most important influencers and topics in video. With more data than any other YouTube partner, ZEFR¹s BrandID platform provides a lens into the YouTube culture and the tools to turn its insights into more impactful media for brands. As the technology company of choice for nearly every major Hollywood movie studio and music label, ZEFR manages over 275 million videos online and tracks over 31 billion video views a month. ZEFR is a top ranked ComScore video property. The company is headquartered in Venice Beach, California with offices in New York, Chicago and Utah. For more information, go to:

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