VidMob Creates a Marketplace for Professional Video Editors

No video editor? No problem.

A new service is coming called VidMob that lets any business or individual hire a professional video editor to turn their footage into something people want to watch. For small companies struggling with online video marketing, it could be a game-changer.

VidMob will work through an app, and is expected to launch on iOS by the end of October. Shoot video and take pictures through your phone’s camera, then use the app to upload your materials to VidMob. You can also upload content from DropBox and other cloud services.

VidMobAfter you’ve uploaded your materials, VidMob’s global network of video editors will review it and put in bids for your work. The company hopes to have a network of thousands of video editors in place by launch. According to a VidMob representative, the service will limit the number of bids people see so they don’t feel overwhelmed. He predicted people would see around five bids. Customers will be able to review the editors’ work before accepting an offer.

Since the service hasn’t launched yet, it’s too soon to comment on pricing. The company rep said that video editors won’t see each other’s bids. That will keep them from deliberately underbidding each other and driving prices down.

“VidMob could be used to create videos of homes for sale on real estate websites, videos for profiles on dating sites, video resumes on job sites, and much, much more,” said Alex Collmer, the company’s founder and CEO. “VidMob wants to be behind the scenes working with partners to power the creation of these videos with incredible ease, and through that, to help them further build their own businesses and thus deepen overall consumer engagement.”

VidMob recently closed its initial seed funding round, raising $2 million from Foundation Capital and Acadia Woods Partners, as well as several individual investors from major media companies.

In a press statement, VidMob suggested its service will be a great way for companies to create videos for social network channels. We agree. Give the service a try and see if your company or brand’s followers prefer the look of professionally edited video.


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