Global Report Shows What Video Ad Types Get the Best Reactions

MillwardScreensMarketing agency Millward Brown has released its latest AdReaction study, a massive and massively helpful report that looks at video ad viewing around the world to learn what does and doesn’t work.

Here are a few highlights from the U.S. version of this report:

  • Ad Targeting: There’s a right way and a wrong way. People are receptive to ads that reflect their interests and their favorite brands, but they don’t like ads based on their web browsing history. Those make them feel like they’re being stalked.
  • Stop the Skip: Viewers like video ads that give them some control, including skippable and click-to-play ads. When viewers choose not to skip an ad, it’s often because the ad is funny. Other top reasons are that it gives something in return (such as a coupon or reward points), is in a category that interests the viewer, or shows something intriguing in the first few seconds.
  • Ban These Ads: Viewers least favorite video ad types are mobile pop-ups and non-skippable pre-rolls.
  • Length Matters: When ads are short, viewers are more likely to make it to the end. Include branding in the first few seconds or risk losing half your audience.
  • First Impressions: With click-to-play ads, the first frame is critical. Viewers need to see something engaging that makes them want to click.

“Many people don’t like ads, particularly online, so your video needs to earn the right for attention,” the report advises.

For more, including video ads that do a great job of getting responses, view the results by country online or download the full report (registration required).


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