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Beauty Videos Are Hugely Persuasive to Buyers, Finds Survey

Beauty brands that aren’t working with YouTube stars need to start now or risk missing out on the holiday shopping season. That advice comes from London-based multichannel network BuzzMyVideos, which commissioned a survey on video persuasiveness from OnePoll. According to the findings, 67 percent of those questioned had positive feelings about beauty products they saw featured in online videos.

PixabilityBeautyThe survey also found that 85 percent of respondents would trust a review from a YouTube reviewer. That’s much higher than the amount who said they would trust a review from a TV advertisement (4 percent) or radio ad (also 4 percent).

People are highly motivated to watch online beauty videos: 79 percent of those questioned turned to online video at least once a week to get advice on using beauty products. Once they’ve watched, they’re likely to buy: 75 percent were more likely to purchase a beauty product after watching an online video that showed a positive review from a trusted source. But be careful: 67 percent expect the beauty video host to disclose when a product mention is paid for.

People who watch beauty videos typically do so on YouTube, with 96 percent turning to that site. Additionally, 69 percent watch beauty videos on a mobile device and 63 percent on desktop (there’s overlap, of course). According to this survey, people watch a staggering amount of beauty videos: Over 40 percent of respondents watch 6 to 30 hours of beauty videos each week.

The survey questioned people about other online video categories, as well—including music, comedy, how-to, food, tech, and games—and the beauty category was by far the strongest in driving sales.

OnePoll created the survey by questioning 500 U.K. consumers age 16 to 45 in April 2015.


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