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Aim for Millennials When Forming a Holiday Video Ad Strategy

OnlineShoppingWhat demo should you target when creating an online video ad strategy for holiday shoppers? According to online video ad company Tremor Video, millennials (adults 18 to 35) are your best bet. While shoppers over the age of 35 will spend more on their seasonal shopping (over $100 more, Tremor finds), targeting millennials is easier and more effective.

  • Unboxing: One-third of millennials will watch an unboxing video this holiday season, and 75 percent of those viewers say unboxing videos are highly influential on their purchasing decisions. Attaching your brand to an unboxing video, even as a pre-roll, is a great strategy, says Tremor.
  • Similarity: Millennials are more similar than older adults in their holiday purchases, which makes them easier to target. Tremor finds they do slightly more of their shopping online than older adults (49 percent compared to 47 percent), buy similar products, and watch holiday food and decorating videos to get ready for the season. Millennials are leading the way in mobile use, researching products on phones (64 percent) almost as much as on desktop computers (68 percent).
  • Likes: Learn what millennials respond to when shopping online. Tremor says they appreciate free one- or two-day delivery, the ability to shop several retailers in one interface, and detailed product specs.

Even if you’re not targeting millennials, the holiday shopping season in an important time for online video campaigns. Tremor finds that 7 in 10 people watch a video to help with holiday purchases, and videos of people using a product rate the highest.

Tremor got its holiday shopping data by surveying a panel of 2,500 adult U.S. consumers who regularly watch video through connected devices. The full data isn’t available online.


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