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4 Ways to Use Marketing Videos at Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

uStudioPlaybookIt’s football season, so let’s pull out the playbook. The one we’re talking about, though, is The Video Marketer’s Playbook, an ebook just put out by cloud-based video management company uStudio. You won’t find any passing or blocking in this book, but you will find plenty of motivating stats on the value of video marketing, as well as tips on accomplishing your goals.

Video is valuable at each stage of the buying cycle, the uStudio playbook says.

  • Stage 1: You Get Me

The purpose of this stage is establishing empathy with the buyer, showing you know what they’re going through. Useful videos include educational series, thought leadership pieces, curated lists, and promotional clips.

  • Stage 2: Decision Criteria

At this stage you want the customer to have a meaningful interaction with your brand. Create a newsletter, influencer series, on-demand webinar, or product tour to get shoppers involved in a more meaningful way. Customer testimonials are also persuasive.

  • Stage 3: Assess Buying Options

Once your buyer is interested, use video to show key differentiators between your brand and the competition. Explainer videos, FAQs, meet-the-team tours, and case studies all help show critical differences in your brand’s value.

  • Stage 4: Rationalize or Justify Purchase

Just because the shopper has made a purchase doesn’t mean the journey is over. Now is the time to provide a little extra to create brand loyalty. Create training and how-to videos, and show passionate brand advocates. Promote user-generated content and make video product user guides.

That’s just a sampling of what’s in the playbook. For terrific ideas on developing videos for each of these four stages, download The Video Marketer’s Playbook for free (registration required).


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  1. Great article Troy! You bring up a strong point that one video type does not fit all stages of a buying cycle. We agree that explainer videos are especially effective during the customer assessment process as they effectively and concisely demonstrate why their product is the right product for the customer. Businesses should also consider who they are selling to and what that target’s video consumption preferences are, in tandem with what stage of the buying cycle that consumer is in when deciding on a video type.

    Posted by Anish Patel | November 3, 2015, 1:02 pm
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