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3 Tips Marketers Need to Know to Create an Effective Video Strategy

The open ad management company Sizmek released its Video Index report for 2015 today, and found its own results surprising. After surveying marketing activity for over 3,400 agencies, 17,000 brand advertisers, and 22,000 global web publishers in over 70 countries, it found that while online video advertising occupies a much bigger part in marketing strategies than it did only a year ago, many marketers aren’t taking full advantage of it. For example, Sizmek found that of 4,000 advertisers that delivered either in-stream video ads or rich media ads with video during the last three years, only 18 percent used both types.

AbsorptionConsider the ratio of absorption to activity, the report says. Lean back media—such as newspapers—have high absorption and low activity, while lean forward media—such as the internet—have low absorption and high activity. Video advertising is becoming more interactive and dynamic, but it’s important to match the technology and the campaign strategy. Here are three things to consider when creating an online video strategy:

  1. Match duration and format

“Duration determines how likely a user is to interact with the video player, the browser, or app that contains it, and (of course) the ads they’re shown in the course of video viewing,” Sizmek’s report says. Pair long-form media with traditional linear video ads, and short videos with elements that demand interaction.

  1. Match campaign type and format

Running an awareness campaign? Linear ads work best, but don’t let the ad become overly repetitive or you’ll annoy the viewer. For branding or engagement campaigns chose interactive ad types that let the viewer engage with the ad without leaving the viewing experience.

  1. Match in-stream creative with rich media

In-stream campaigns often repurpose television ads, but consider using those ads in other ways, such as within rich media elements. Movie trailers, for example, work well within an expandable ad type. That way you can expand reach without creating new video assets.

Download Sizmek’s full report for much more on the video ad landscape, such as the shares of the different ad types used for the last three years (hint: mobile is expanding dramatically). The report is a free download (registration required).


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