YouTube Audio Library Grows With Over 1,000 Royalty-Free Tracks

Look how the YouTube Audio Library has grown! It was just two years ago that it launched with a scant 150 royalty-free tracks. While that wasn’t much, YouTube created them all from scratch, rather than buying an existing audio library.

At the time, YouTube promised the Audio Library would grow—and it has. On Friday, YouTube announced that it added over 1,000 free tracks. YouTube tweeted the information from its YouTube Creators account and included the handy graphic below explaining how video creators can set the mood in a video with royalty-free music, get attention by licensing popular songs, and make videos more realistic with sound effects, which are also available for free. All three options are available through the Audio Library.

The new royalty-free tracks are 320Kbps MP3 files, just like the library’s original tracks.

The free section of the YouTube Audio Library lets video creators filter tracks by genre, mood, instrument, and duration. The library also rates songs by popularity, offers previews in the browser, and includes simple one-touch downloading. Creators can even star their favorite tracks so it’s easy to find them later. Click on any free track to learn if it requires special attribution in the video’s description.



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