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So How Much Is That Corporate Marketing Video Going to Cost?

It’s the question that’s sure to come up whenever a company decides to create a marketing video: How much will this video cost? According to friend of Robert Weiss, president of MultiVision Digital, there are five main areas that influence the price tag either up or down. He created a video, below, to explain them.

  1. MoneyPre-production time

“How much time is it going to take your video production company to plan for your shoot?” Weiss asks. Pre-production means organizing everything needed for the event. A complex shoot requires more planning.

  1. Cameras and equipment

“How many cameras do you need? What types of cameras do you need?” asks Weiss. You’ll also need camera lenses, lights, and lighting accessories.

  1. Time to shoot and edit

“This is either in the amount of hours or days,” Weiss notes. Keep in mind that the time spent shooting is only a fraction of the total time needed for a video. The production team also needs time to set up their equipment, break it down, shoot b-roll footage, and edit the material. Shoots with multiple cameras and external audio take more time.

  1. Motion graphics and color correction

Animated logos and moving lower-third graphics help a video look professional, and they also increase the cost. So do scene transitions and animated charts or graphs. Color correction can vary from simple to complex.

  1. The experience of your team

“Experience matters. You’re going to pay a little bit more for a team that is more experienced than not,” Weiss concludes. Companies that have never created a marketing video before should spend more for an experienced team, he advises.

For more on understanding the costs behind corporate marketing videos, watch Weiss’s video below.

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