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Interactivity Is Key to Longer Video Engagement, Says Rapt Media

Want to keep viewers engaged for longer? Let them interact with what they’re watching. That message comes from Rapt Media, a company that not-so-coincidentally creates interactive media experiences for brands, and which has just released a report called The Power of Choice: Data-Driven Insights on Customer Engagement.

Rapt surveyed over 2,000 U.S. and U.K. consumers and found that two-thirds will spend more time watching a video if there’s some kind of interactivity, calling the experience more engaging.

RaptMediaChoiceInteractivity can take many forms: 89 percent want control over the streaming ads they see, and 57 percent want to find their own content (as opposed to finding it through advertising). Also, 64 percent will watch a video longer if they can actively participate in the experience.

Videos that offer interactivity can chart three times the viewing metrics of those that don’t, says Rapt Media, as well as two times the conversions and 14 times the click-through-to-purchase rates.

Savvy marketers will add more opportunities for viewers to choose options in video experiences, Rapt suggests. Offering choice lets brands engage more with customers and learn from their choices and preferences.

The full report, which touches on shopping, social networks, and online security, is available for free download (registration required).


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