How To Get Your App Preview Video Approved by Google And Apple

First impressions are crucial, especially in the two saturated app marketplaces, the Google Play Store which boasts 1.5 million apps, and the Apple App Store, with 1.4 million.

But with the introduction of app preview videos to both stores, you now have the opportunity to use the selling power of video to encourage potential users to download your apps.

Each marketplace has its own set of rules and guidelines to adhere to, and you need to play by these rules to avoid having your video rejected. To help with this, we’ll touch on the different purposes and regulations of Google Play’s Promo Videos and the App Store’s Preview Videos.

Creating a Promo Video for Google Play

Google Play isn’t big on rules for Promo Videos, as they term them. Instead, they provide loose guidelines and suggestions, allowing you to use the same product video that you would in other channels. You can mix screen-captured footage from your app with live action while incorporating music, voiceovers, and touchspot animations to showcase your app’s features. Here’s a good example from CamScanner.

AppVideoPreviewsStill, there are a few basics to keep in mind when creating your Promo Video for Google Play:

Watch the clock. As suggested by Google Play, videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes are optimal for exhibiting an app’s important functions while keeping potential users interested.

Upload to YouTube first. Google play allows you to link from Youtube, so post your app video there, then copy and paste. Make sure the link is to the actual video, not a channel or playlist.

Keep it Specific to Google Play. If your YouTube video includes an end slide that says “Download at The App Store and Google Play,” don’t use it. Instead, make a version without this slide that you can link to Google Play.

Use localization. Does your app support multiple languages? No problem. Google Play allows you to link to a different video for each of the 47 languages it supports—including English, Japanese, and Zulu—making it easier to promote to international users. (A tip from the mobile app marketing experts at if you don’t have multiple translated YouTube videos, but have different language transcripts on your video, Google Play will automatically show the correct transcript)

Creating a Promo Video for the Apple App Store

The rules for creating an App Store preview video are more rigid than for Google Play. You can tell by the language Apple uses that the intended purpose of its Preview videos differs from Google’s Promo videos.

Apple wants a clear-cut presentation of your app’s features, sans frills. It wants videos specifically for iOS, so you won’t be able to use the one you made for Google Play or any other marketplace. Also, it’ll take Apple 24 hours to either approve or reject your video, so consider making multiple versions in case your first submission doesn’t fly.

Keep it short. The app video must be between 15 and 30 seconds.

No localization. This means your video should demonstrate your app’s features in a way that makes sense to as many audiences as possible. Since you can only use one language, stick to visually conveying the functionality of your app. Highlight the most important features to provide a feel for how the entire app works.

Each Apple device needs its own video. Apple requires different resolution videos for each iOS device (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch).

Don’t use live action footage. According to Apple’s developer website, it doesn’t want live action footage, so stick to screen capture and forget about a talent budget. Use one of the multiple tools for capturing footage from mobile devices, then edit your footage down to a slick, coherent piece of work. See Stepz Pedometer & Step Counter for an example.

Give full disclosure. More and more apps offer in-app purchases to enhance user experience. Show these features, but keep in mind that Apple requires you to disclose that they are optional and cost extra.

Licenses. Make sure you have a license to use everything you feature in the app preview. This means no content you don’t have rights to, such a user’s personal info.

The introduction of app video previews in Google Play and the Apple App Store means that you have another powerful tool to promote your app. By paying attention to the guidelines and requirements of each store you can produce a video that entices users to hit Download.

Guest post by Nicholas Marks and Adam Winograd of Veed.mean online video production marketplace connecting businesses that need videos with videographers who can make them. accepts guest posts based upon their usefulness to our readers.


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  1. Hi there. Nice Article…
    Can I use a monetized video from YouTube on Google Play App Store ?
    Means can i make an app preview video, upload it on YouTube [with monetisation ON] and copy that video link for Google Play App Store ? And when someone will play that video on Play Store then will ads pop up in that video of app preview ? And will i generate revenue also in YouTube [adsense] ?
    Kindly Rpl…

    Posted by Vatsal | September 30, 2016, 5:03 am
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