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Facebook Offers Brands 3 Tips on Marketing with Mobile Video

Facebook“Brands are doing a wide spectrum of activity with mobile video. Certain brands are actually creating very specific content for the mobile video format,” says Carolyn Everson, vice president of global marketing solutions at Facebook.

With its rapid rise in video views, Facebook has become an important platform for brand campaigns. Along the way, Facebook has learned a lot about what makes a campaign successful. Here are three tips Everson offers clients.

  1. Grab the Viewer Quickly

“We typically advise clients to think about what we call the three-second audition, which is what happens in those first few seconds to create thumb-stopping content,” Everson says. When viewers are flipping through the Facebook News Feed looking for updates, what’s going to make them stop and watch?

  1. Work Without a Peep

“We ask them to think about sound off, because many people consume video on their mobile device with sound off,” Everson says. Can you deliver your message wordlessly? You’ll get more views if you can.

  1. Brief Is Better

“We ask them to think a lot about the sweet spot of mobile video consumption, which appears to be between 6 and 10 seconds. However, we don’t want them to limit themselves to just seconds. We like to say think of stories and not seconds, Everson says. While working short—extremely short, in this case—is good for holding attending, that’s not an absolute rule. “As much as we have these guidelines, and 6 to 10 seconds is a guideline, we do have many brands experimenting with much longer formats and telling beautiful stories.”

While autoplay videos can be a nuisance on desktops, Everson says it’s just the opposite on News Feed on mobile devices. In fact, she calls it a delightful experience where stories come to life. Autoplay is no doubt a large part of why Facebook is showing so many views on phones and tablets.

“Mobile video continues to surprise us with how fast it is growing,” Everson says.

Watch the full interview below (used with permission).


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