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Viralize Introduces Inline Video Autoplay for Mobile Web

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Viralize Introduces Inline Video Autoplay for Mobile Web

Florence, Italy, June 14, 2015: Viralize, Italy’s leading video technology platform for Advertisers, Publishers and Creators, and YouTube monetization partner, has announced the launch of an innovative video player technology that supports inline, mobile autoplay functionality without full-screen video player take-over on mobile web.

Viralize has resolved the problem of device imposed viewing limitations and full-screen native player take-over by creating a proprietary player that delivers autoplay video inline, and on all iOS and Android enabled mobile devices, allowing video ads to function on mobile exactly the same way they do on desktop.

Viralize InText, OutStream and Display formats are now fully equipped to provide autoplay video advertising solutions for mobile web.

Advertisers will now see a noticeable increase in mobile video inventory with supported Viewability metrics, while Publishers will gain access to increased opportunities to monetize their mobile web traffic without interrupting the reader with user-initiated video play or full-screen video player take-over.

The new mobile player is 100% VAST compliant and ensures full compatibility and integration with the main RTB exchanges and Programmatic inventory. Our commitment to transparency means that we have ensured that our player fully supports Viewability measurements and tracking, even on mobile.

Viralize now offers a solution for web Advertisers and Publishers who want to expand their video possibilities beyond mobile apps, without restrictions.

About Viralize

Viralize is a technology platform that supports the online video based business models of Advertisers, Publishers, and Creators, from advertising to content distribution. We provide easy, reliable, and adaptable solutions built on state of the art technology. Viralize was founded in 2013 in collaboration with the startup studio, Nana Bianca, and is based in Florence, Italy.

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