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The Four Stages of Programmatic Advertising, Explained by VivaKi

Are we all clear on what programmatic advertising means and how it benefits online video advertisers? It wasn’t that long ago that the mention of programmatic filled people with dread because they didn’t know what it meant and felt like they should.

In the video below, Marco Bertozzi, global clients president at ad tech company VivaKi, explains the four stages of programmatic as he sees it.

Advertising_LG“Within the programmatic industry we’ve had four stages we’ve been through in the last few years,” Bertozzi explains. “The first has been one where no one really was paying too much attention and pretty much didn’t care. The second was where suddenly everyone is taking about it at every conference and every meeting; advertisers being slightly overwhelmed by that level of information and not actually themselves being structured to take that on board.”

Once the industry got past that, however, the information and the value started to sink in.

“That then leads to feeling of a bit of frustration, and like who do I turn to, who do I trust, what are the different commercial models and so on,” Bertozzi says. “Now, I feel like the advertisers have started to appoint specific people—some of the biggest advertisers in the world now are appointing people and teams to focus on this area, and my sense is the minute someone is in that role and they have the opportunity and time to really dig deeper into it, there’s a sort of calm descends on the place where really they’re fact-finding, they’re trying to understand the marketplace, the industry, and I think we’re now in a state where it should really accelerate forward in a positive light rather than dwelling on issues of transparency and the like.”

For more from VivaKi, including why creatives need to catch up in the programmatic space, watch the interview below (used with permission).


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