Facebook Changes Online Video Ad Rates, Algorithms, and Analytics

The people at Facebook know they’re not going to beat YouTube by standing still. That’s why they introduced a flurry of changes this week, all of which marketers need to know about. Think of them as the three As: ad rates, algorithms, and analytics.

FacebookAd rates. Facebook is testing out a new way of charging advertisers for video ad plays. The social network’s preferred method is to charge once a video ad comes into view. However, advertisers are emphasizing viewability these days, and want to make sure their ads are actually viewed. That’s why advertisers can now choose from two payment options: they can pay on a cost per thousand impression basis measuring when ads come into view, or they can pay on a cost-per-view basis for ads that play at least 10 seconds.

In offering the new 10-second option, Facebook is joining Twitter, Yahoo, and YouTube, which each charge only when a video ad is seen: Twitter and Yahoo charge when three seconds of a video ad has played, while YouTube’s TrueView ads count only if the viewer chooses not to skip them.

Facebook’s new ad payment option is available through its Power Editor and API buying tools.

Algorithms. Facebook plans to learn what videos you like and show you more of them. Look for the videos in your news feed to become a lot more customized. A change to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm will track what videos you view at full-screen, un-mute, and watch in HD. Thanks to those cues, Facebook can get an idea of what you like even if you never like or share a video.

Analytics. Brands will find studying their Facebook video performance much easier thanks to the new Videos tab in Page Insights. Previously, publishers needed to download video data and view it in Excel. Performance could only be tracked per video. The new Video tab offers more options, such as tracking views at a page level, viewing shares, and comparing categories such as organic and paid or auto-play and click-to-play.


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