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5 Ways Shoppers Want Brands to Use Visual Media Online: Invodo

Got pictures on your product pages? Good start, but it’s not enough. The ecommerce video experts at Invodo recently surveyed 1,000 consumers on their preferences for visual content when shopping online, and the results are clear. Nine out of ten respondents said that online shopping is both more efficient and more effective with visuals beyond mere product photos.

InvodoVisualsWhat are people looking for? Here are five takeaways from Invodo’s report, “Make it Visual: Online Shopper Preferences for Rich Media.”

  1. Put interactive visuals on the product page. Invodo found that 74 percent of shoppers will interact with visual content on a product page. Having something interactive makes shoppers feel like they’re holding the product in their hands, and it does a great job of showing that product’s features and benefits.
  2. Spin is in. Product photos are helpful, but spin photos—where the product can be fully rotated—is becoming the new standard. Of those surveyed, 93 percent said spin photos were helpful when shopping online, outscoring product photos, guided walkthroughs, interactive videos, and product videos.
  3. Visual media replaces the fitting room. Shoppers most want visual content for product they would normally try on, such as clothing and shoes. Visuals also scored high for consumer electronics, home improvement products, and sporting goods.
  4. Visuals beat customer service. Shoppers would prefer to get product information from visuals such as videos and walkthroughs rather than interacting with customer service.
  5. Don’t forget mobile! Consumers take their mobile devices shopping and use them to research products. Invodo found that 68 percent expect the same visuals on desktop and mobile devices.

For much more on how brands and online sellers can best use visuals, download the full report—“Make it Visual: Online Shopper Preferences for Rich Media”—for free (registration required).


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