Incremental Video Measurements for Brands Coming Soon: ComScore

With online video views divided between connected TVs, mobile devices, computers, set-top boxes, and more, measuring the total audience has been an uphill battle even for the measurement leaders. Recently, Serge Matta, CEO of digital measurement specialist ComScore, announced that help is on the way.

MeasureOnline“We’ll be launching a syndicated cross-platform service in the U.S. later this year, in the next month or so. That will give brands—take for example ESPN: ESPN, we’ve done the analysis, for males 18+ the addition of mobile and PC gives them an additional incremental unique audience of 21 percent,” Matta explained. “Without having that cross-platform knowledge they wouldn’t have known that their audience size would have grown by an additional 21 percent.”

Those additional viewers are unique to streaming platforms, he emphasized. There’s no overlap with the cable TV audience.

ComScore will also soon launch a cross-platform solution for OTT (over-the-top) publishers.

“We’re working on that. It’s not 100 percent there yet. Take for example Hulu. Hulu has 50 percent of all of its traffic not on the desktop, it’s across on OTT devices, so outside of the traditional desktop. Now how do we measure that? Matta asked. “We’re going to roll out in a few months additional new technologies that are specific for OTT to measure the Netflix, to measure Hulu—better measure Hulu—Amazon Prime, Roku, you name it, at least focused initially in the United States, and then roll it out to the world.”

So don’t despair, brands. ComScore has heard your frequent complaints on the limitations of today’s measurement tools and it’s working on multiple solutions.

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