Facebook Too Distracting for Video Ads, Says Biometric Study

While marketers debate whether to put their video ads on Facebook or YouTube, here’s something else to consider: Innerscope Research says that Facebook is just too distracting, and that Facebook video ads have lower impact.

Innerscope ran a biometric monitoring test of 390 people ages 18 to 34 to see how they reacted to the same video ads on Facebook and TV, and also as pre-roll ads on computers, tablets, and smartphones. The company’s biometric equipment measured changes in heart rate, breathing, and skin conductance.


47% of Facebook users immediately ignore or skip video ads, Innerscope Research finds.

For TV and online pre-roll ads, the study found viewers paid attention and had strong emotional engagement with the ads. Brand recall and purchase intent was high.

On Facebook, however, the results were different. Viewers looked away from the ads 2.5 times more often. Facebook video ads were found to be 4 times less engaging than the same ads on other platforms. Also, 47 percent of the test subjects said they immediately skip or ignore Facebook video ads.

The study found that video ads were more effective on larger screens. Video ads on mobile devices should be brighter, use bolder copy, and have early branding moments to be as effective, it recommends.

“Our studies continue to show that consumers bring different mindsets and expectations to various media platforms,” says Dr. Carl Marci, co-founder and chief science officer for Innerscope Research. “With more brands turning to social media as a new avenue for video advertising, understanding this intricacy is more important than ever.”



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