Video Ad Viewability Increased in Q1 2015, Finds Media Report

The latest Media Quality Report is out from advertising technology company Integral Ad Science, and it provides an interesting snapshot of an the growth of online video ads. Video ad viewability, which has emerged as a hot topic, is moving in the right direction: Integral’s report shows that in Q1 of 2015 41.8 percent of online video ads were viewable, up from 39.0 percent the quarter before.

Integral2015Q1Integral also found that the most common size for online video ads was 300 by 250 pixels. That means that more video ads are served in banners than any other method.

According to Kevin Lenane, Integral’s general manager for video, the 300 by 250 video player is by far the most popular format for in-banner inventory.

“The in-banner designation basically indicates that there is no content after the pre-roll ad and the pre-roll ad runs once or several times repeatedly in a traditionally small player unit,” Lenane explains. “With the rise in viewable ad sales causing a dip in available inventory, we’ve seen campaigns run 75 percent or more of their impressions in these in-banner units.

“These kinds of ads aren’t necessarily bad but they certainly aren’t the same as an in-stream experience where a captive user waits for video content to load. With this type of inventory, transparency is key.”

Integral’s report data comes from the hundreds of billions of ad impressions it processes each quarter. View the full report for free online (no registration required).


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