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8 Sanity-Saving Tips for Understanding Online Video Analytics

Why do video metrics have to be so complicated? Nowadays, it takes some serious number crunching and deep-diving to find out what works. Couldn’t it be as simple as scanning view counts?

Analytics_LGIf that describes your thought process when examining video analytics, relax., a data analytics provider, has created this list of tips to keep marketers from losing their cool when checking out the numbers.

  1. Take the overview data with a grain of salt. That first screen you get when looking at analytics is only a snapshot. You’ll want to drill down to find what’s important to you.
  1. There’s more to views that you might think. Drill down in the views metrics to learn when customers are most likely to view new videos, the regions with the strongest viewership, and which videos have the best longevity.
  1. Audience retention will tell you if your videos are dull. Are viewers watching to the end of your videos? If few do, there’s a problem.
  1. Don’t take YouTube’s demographics reports too seriously. Is this info accurate? It’s the only part of YouTube’s analytics suite based on informed guesswork instead of hard data.
  1. Watch traffic sources and device reports closely. There tell you where viewers are watching, and point the way to effective video marketing channels.
  1. Growing your subscribers isn’t always a high priority. Subscriber growth doesn’t show campaign effectiveness. Pay more attention to overall views over time, which is driven by keywords, social media sharing, embeds, and external links.
  1. Likes and dislikes only matter if the reaction is extreme. This measure shows a general overall sentiment toward the video’s content.
  1. Invest in a social media dashboard. A more comprehensive dashboard will show how social media trends lead to video views.

For a fuller treatment of these tips, check out’s blog post on the subject.




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  1. YouTube analytics’ demographics are based on hard data. I.e. it’s declared demographics, not inferred. You still need a bit of salt because you only get declared from logged in viewers and a substantial portion may be logged out.

    Posted by ted | March 5, 2015, 12:23 pm
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