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3 Challenges for Mobile Apps: Getting, Inspiring, Keeping Users

Did you know that 20 percent of all mobile apps downloaded are opened only once? That stat was shared by Mitch Rice, a solutions consultant for Adobe, speaking on mobile app analytics at the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mitch Rice

Mitch Rice

In a talk that showed the value of Adobe Marketing Cloud for running a successful app strategy, Rice explained that marketers face three key challenges in promoting an app:

  1. Getting new users

it’s not enough to add users (although that’s essential): You also need to know where those users are coming from. What channels are more effective? When you know that, you know where to focus ad dollars. Getting this data can be a challenge when an app store is in the way.

  1. Inspiring users with great experiences

Once your viewers have downloaded your app, what parts of the app are the most useful to them? Where do they find value? Viewers who understand and value the experience the app offers are more likely to stick with it.

  1. Getting users to come back

On-screen push notifications are a great tool to let users know that your app has something new to share—perhaps a new trailer or other video—but half of all mobile users disable push notifications. Notifications grab a user’s attention, but not everyone likes that. Adobe offers in-app messages that can be triggered by actions, delivering useful message to motivated users.

Rice recommended that brands deep-link their app content, so that they benefit from search engine traffic. It’s a great way to get people to return to the app. Also, video providers can benefit from inserting milestones to measure how much of a video is viewed. Just because a video is located in an app is no reason to skip useful analytics.


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