How to Shoot Professional Video with an iPad and an iOgrapher

Don’t have a lot of money to invest in a video production studio? Don’t worry about it.

The iOgrapher is an iOS device case with a difference. As attendees at the recent Streaming Media West conference learned, it lets videographers attach a lens, microphone, and lighting, turning any iOS device into a studio camera. Combine that with video production apps for surprisingly high-quality results.

iOgrapherDave Basulto, the founder of iOgrapher, is also a high school teacher. He explained how he created the device.

“The big thing about the iOgrapher that I wanted to create it for was there’s a lot of schools that can’t afford to have media programs, much less doing football games or anything like that,” Basulto said. “I thought, ‘If you could just get an iPad for $300—a Mini—and buy some accessories for it, now you’ve can have a photography program, you can have a media program, you can stream football games or whatever you want.'”

When schools network multiple iOS devices, they can create impressive results. The end result’s resolution, however, depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi network.

“You need to have a pretty decent Wi-Fi network if you want to do four cameras,” Basulto noted. “That being said, we’re talking about football or big places like that. Something in here if we were on our own network and I brought in cables, my own router, I think it would be a lot better. We’re doing 720p at the high school because they want the camera in the end zone, they want a camera on the sidelines running around, and that’s a lot of field to cover…I don’t want to dumb it down, but it’s good enough.”

For more on shooting with iOgrapher, watch the video below and download Basulto’s presentation.


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