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Ad Fraud Rates Are Low for Premium Publishers, Says ComScore

For those concerned about fraud in online advertising—which should be everyone involved—online measurement specialist ComScore has some good news: For premium publishers, fraud rates are lower than you might think. ComScore CEO Serge Matta delivered this news in an interview with

ComScore“There’s a lot of non-human traffic out there, but there’s also a lot of good actors out there,” Matta explained. “Not everybody is bad. Premium publishers actually are the ones that are doing really well, and they are trying to mitigate and trying to decrease the amount of fraud that’s happening. If you look at the numbers specifically for premium publishers, it’s not as bad for those guys compared to some other folks that are not in that category.”

So what are the numbers for online ad fraud? Matts breaks it down:

“If you start analyzing the data, 79 percent of all campaigns have less than 5 percent non-human traffic associated with it. That accounts for 25 percent of total non-human traffic impressions,” Matta said. “But—this is where the bigger issue is—7 percent have more than 20 percent non-human traffic. That accounts for 30 percent of all the traffic.”

For more on how ComScore is keeping an eye on ad fraud, watch the full interview below from (used with permission).


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