Outrigger Media Offers Demographic Data for YouTube Targeting

Advertisers and marketers, now you can put your YouTube ads exactly where they’ll do the most good. Outrigger Media, an online video software and analytics company, just announced improvements to its OpenSlate platform that allow pinpoint targeting.

YouTubeArrowOpenSlate measures all the ad-supported content on YouTube and assigns a score to each video. Marketers can use it to find the most effective videos to carry their messages. As of yesterday, OpenSlate now includes what the company calls “robust demographic data,” giving marketers and advertisers even more control over who sees their ads.

The new demographics include age and gender distribution for YouTube cannels, videos, devices, and geographic locations. The idea is for marketers and advertisers to use this data to discover what YouTube videos their target customers are already watching, then use the results to plan campaigns.

To zero in on audiences, Outrigger customers will use OpenSlate Select, a new tool that lets them input metrics and get YouTube videos guaranteed to provide the right audience reach.

“With OpenSlate Select, advertisers can now buy against the breadth of YouTube based on their specific definition of content quality, brand safety, and subject matter expertise, as well as a guarantee that their message is reaching its target audience,” said Mike Henry, Outrigger Media CEO.

The OpenSlate interface

The OpenSlate interface


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