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Fashion Faux Pas: Opportunities Fashion Brands Miss on YouTube

Glamour is their business, but online video marketing? Not so much.

The YouTube marketing experts at Pixability recently collaborated with digital business intelligence firm L2 to study the fashion industry. Specifically, they looked at how fashion brands marketed themselves on YouTube. The results are surprising. While fashion-related videos have generated over 15 billion views, and fashion brands have shown a 200 percent rise in video views since 2013, most of the brands studied haven’t done much to improve their presence on YouTube.

VuittonWhat are they doing wrong? Pixability found a variety of missed opportunities:

Discoverability. Viewers aren’t seeing brand videos. While almost 80 percent of official fashion brand channels appear on the first page of a YouTube search for that brand, less than half offer content that appears in the top three results. Also, under 20 percent appear as the top search result.

Advertising. Brands simply aren’t advertising on YouTube, an easy way to broaden their reach. During the time period studied (September to November 2014), not even 10 percent of the index consistently appeared in paid ads during routine fashion term searches.

Subscribership. Fashion brands are doing a poor job of driving people to subscribe. Only Channel, Dior, and Burberry had over 100,000 channel subscribers. Other brands had a third less YouTube subscribers than Pinterest followers.

Purchase. Note to fashion brands: If people are looking at videos of your products, they might want to buy them. Not even 20 percent of the most-viewed videos included embedded ads. Not even 10 percent offered links to product pages or related collections.

To read more on how the fashion industry can improve its image on YouTube, download the full Industry Report: Fashion and YouTube for free (registration required).


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