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Does Brookstone Hold the Secret to Great Online Video Recordings?

Stop by the Brookstone store at the mall this holiday season and—besides picking up fun gadgets for everyone on your list—you can get an online video recording device that sharpens up first-person videos.

The device is the iTOi Video Booth, which promises to improve the look of video calls and recordings. The iTOi works with full-size iPads, and lets you capture video in a more natural way. Optics inside the iTOi put the image of the person you’re talking to directly in front of the iPad’s camera, so your gaze doesn’t shift between the person’s eyes and the camera lens.

iTOiThe iTOi’s hooded design prevents screen glare. It’s also designed to improve audio input and output.

For business recordings, use the iTOi with the free iTOi teleprompter app available in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The app lets you create a script and play it on the screen, so you can look directly into the camera lens while reading. You can also place images in your script that will appear on-screen in your video at the times you specify.

When done with a recording, upload it directly to your YouTube account from within the app, or email it to a business prospect. The iTOi seems like a strong way to create in-house training videos or answer customer questions. The only caveats are that the iTOi records in portrait mode and doesn’t work with iPad Minis.

The iTOi Video Booth sells for $150. Pick one up and see if your videos don’t improve.


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