Brands Are Embracing Online Video Advertising, Notes MediaRadar

Advertising intelligence company MediaRadar has released its latest Online Video Advertising Index, and it finds that marketers are really getting into this whole online video thing.

Brands in the media, finance, and beauty verticals are out front, doing the most online video advertising. According to MediaRadar’s data, over 350 media brands used online video advertising between January and August 2014.

DistributionWhen creating their video ads, brands prefer to go short and keep the viewer’s attention: 15- and 30-second ads were the most popular. In that same time period, 79 percent of ads were either 15- or 30-seconds long. A small 3 percent of ads were shorter than 15 seconds, while 10 percent were longer than 30 seconds.

Do viewers skip online video ads whey they have the chance? Overwhelmingly, says MediaRadar. Approximately 85 percent of skippable ads are, in fact, skipped. Longer ads are more likely to have a skip option. The popularity of skipping should have marketers rethinking their online video ad creative, MediaRadar says.

While many viewers hate them, auto-start video ads are popular with advertisers. It found that 93 percent of all online videos start when the viewer loads the page.

“Considering the high click-through rates of online video ads, we expect marketers to continue investing in this highly effective form of advertising,” says Todd Krizelman, MediaRadar’s CEO.


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  1. “Approximately 85 percent of skippable ads are, in fact..skipped”

    why ? because they are too intrusive and ppl dont like being to sold too right ?

    Posted by The Video Animation Company | January 11, 2015, 4:15 pm
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