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Are YouTube Gadgets Worth the Investment? Not Even Close

Some companies are spending big to create custom-made interactive experiences for their YouTube channels. These creations, called “gadgets,” let brands offer unique viewing environments to fans. Are they a good investment? Not at all.

YouTubeArrowYouTube marketing expert Brendan Gahan explained to back in July why gadgets are a bad idea. Now, he’s issued a white paper on the topic full of hard data (supplied by Tubular Labs) that shows why gadgets just don’t work: “When viewers interact with brand channels with gadgets, they are less likely to subscribe, comment, or share,” the paper says.

Gahan offers these numbers to back up his claims:

  • Brand channels featuring gadgets have 61 percent fewer subscribers than those without gadgets.
  • Brand channels that don’t have gadgets get 56 percent more comments per video than channels with gadgets.
  • Sharing activity is 12 percent higher per video for brand channels that don’t have gadgets.

Across the board, the numbers are better for channels that use YouTube’s One Channel design than those with gadgets. The numbers hold for tweets, Facebook shares, YouTube likes, and subscriptions.

Need more info? Download the free white paper to dive into the data (registration required). When it comes to YouTube marketing, there are plenty of better ways to spend your budget than a gadget.


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