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One Video Is Not a Marketing Strategy, Says MultiVision Digital

Sometimes you run across marketing advice that just makes you smile and nod your head in agreement. Recently, Robert Weiss, president of video production and marketing company MultiVision Digital (and friend of posted a video explaining that one video isn’t a video marketing strategy.

MarketingEvery company has to start somewhere, but creating one corporate video and then not making any more isn’t going to be all that effective.

What kinds of videos should you make? As Weiss explains in the video (which you’ll find below), look at the customer acquisition funnel and create videos to meet every level.

“Branding, conversion, sales process, thought leadership, increases in social metrics, and open rates and click-through rates in email campaigns,” Weiss lists. All are areas that can be measurably improved with targeted marketing videos.

When it comes to the kind of content companies should create, Weiss says the answer is already in front of you. Look a the sales materials you share with prospective clients. Those can be adapted into videos. Look at the questions you frequently get from customers and create videos to answer them.

Online business video production isn’t one-size-fits-all, Weiss notes. Create a strategic approach that engages with customers at any stage in the buying process.


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