Dollar Shave Club: The Online Viral Video Success Steps to TV

This isn’t how it’s supposed to go. Online video is wooing brands away from TV advertising to the online world. It’s not supposed to go the other way.

DollarShaveTVBut that’s what has happened. Dollar Shave Club, which created an enormously successful viral video two years ago to help launch the company, is taking its new campaign to television. The company has created four spots that play up the difficulties and even dangers of buying men’s razors in stores.

There’s a lot to like about this campaign, which was co-written by Dollar Shave Club’s founder and CEO Michael Dubin, and includes him at the end of each video at a pitchman. They’re all winningly funny and highlight real hassles faced by men while razor shopping. (Who hasn’t struggled to get razors out of a locked case in the store?) Dubin has a background in impov and sketch comedy with Upright Citizens Brigade, and he once again put his comedy skills to good use for his company.

While Dubin has taken these spots to television, trying for a bigger audience, the full campaign is available on the Dollar Shave Club YouTube channel. Thank goodness. We wouldn’t be surprised if they all went viral. Scroll down to see all four videos.


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