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5 Reasons to Invest in Online Video for the Holidays, From Zefr

It’s not too late to invest in online video marketing for the 2014 holiday shopping season, says YouTube management platform Zefr, and you really should. The company notes that videos related to Black Friday accumulated 67.5 million views in 2013. That number could balloon to 90 million views this year.

ZefrIf you’re not convinced, Zach James, Zefr’s co-founder, offers these five reasons why you should invest in YouTube video marketing and fast:

  1. YouTube is king: YouTube is the second largest online search engine, and brands are free to access its massive viewership. Now that’s a bargain.
  2. Fans will do the selling for you: Get your brand’s fans on your side and have them create videos for you. Prospective customers are far more likely to trust a review by another consumer than something put out by the brand itself.
  3. Custom content leads to dedicated shoppers: Zefr’s client Hasbro Studios created a YouTube channel and stocked it with fresh content. In one year, the channel earned 135,000 subscribers, all of whom are engaged potential buyers.
  4. Customers love video: It’s a visual world and customers love valuable visual content, especially when created by brands they enjoy. Use video to increase people’s understanding of your product.
  5. Don’t get left behind: Not on YouTube yet? Your competitors likely are. It’s time to catch up.


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