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The 4 Types of Wasted Video Ad Impressions: Learn to Avoid Them

Are your brand’s online video ad dollars going to waste? Extreme Reach, a company that provides cross-platform advertising solutions, has just released a research paper called “Wasted Ad Impressions, Wasted Media Dollars,” that looks at the problem. According the paper, some experts estimate that over half of online video ad impressions are completely wasted.

Before Extreme Reach discusses what to do about the problem, it first lists the four ways that online video ads can be wasted:

Non-viewable impressions: The Media Rating Council (MRC) recently established a minimum criteria for what it consider a viewable ad, meaning that the ad has the opportunity to be viewed. The standard is simple: A video ad is considered viewable is half it’s pixels are on-screen for two seconds. Ads that don’t meet even this low standard are considered unviewable.

ExtremeReachIn-banner fraud: When ad inventory is sold as being an in-stream placement, such as is shown here, but is actually part of an in-banner ad — meaning it’s included in a banner ad along one side of the page (and is likely below the fold) — that’s fraudulent.

Robotic traffic: Are bots generating some of your ad impressions? That should never be counted.

Unsafe environments: Unsafe here means unsafe to the brand. A good brand marketer doesn’t want ads on pornographic or illegal sites at any price.

For much more on these four types of wasted ad impressions, as well as how transparency and accountability can correct the problems, download Extreme Reach’s research paper for free (no registration required).


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