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3 Expert Tips for Succeeding in Branded Online Video

TV-like commercials don’t work online. What works is creating videos that entertain, where the brand message is often secondary. But it’s no easy road. To explain how to succeed in branded entertainment, Tom Weeks, senior vice president and group director at marketing agency LiquidThread, sat down for an on-camera interview during the Beet.TV leadership summit.

What does it take to create successful branded entertainment? Three things, Weeks said.

BuzzMeter“It’s really about creating content that consumers want to spend time with,” Weeks began. “I think we really need to focus more as content marketers on creating content strategies and distribution plans that will allow us to not only partner with the right companies, but then figure out how we’re going to push that out and get people to engage and share.”

Second is understanding the strengths of the brand and the partner.

“What is the power your brand brings to the table? What is the power that that a partner that you’re doing branded video or entertainment marketing with, that they bring to the table?” Weeks asks. “Figure out how to leverage both sides of the equity to tell a story that will be non-interruptive for the person actually viewing it.”

Finally, create a measurement system to ensure your videos are having some kind of positive effect.

“Lastly is putting a measurement plan in place. I think that too often that’s left off the docket or it’s an afterthought,” Weeks says. “How did you drive my business? How did you drive leads? How did you drive results? I think putting together the appropriate measurement plans, it’s really important to do that upfront and follow through on that, both as a learning exercise and also to apply for the next time.”

For more on branded entertainment, watch the full interview below (used with permission from Beet.TV).


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