Will Consumers Put Up with Autoplay Video Ads on Mobile Devices?

Consumers are already watching their cellular data usage closely, so they don’t go over and incur big overage charges. How will they feel about autoplay video ads?

Autoplay video has become standard, a way for advertisers to get their messages in front of viewers whether or not a video was initiated. But the one place that autoplay video hasn’t been used is with mobile, since that could create a drag on device performance and use up data allowances, both of which would annoy the viewer. That’s about to change, however, as online advertising company PointRoll has introduced multiscreen autoplay video ads.

MobileDevicesWith this new ad format, advertisers can launch autoplay campaigns across all platforms, including mobile. The format means no worrying over HTML5 publisher certification, compatibility, video quality, or default bitrates, PointRoll promises. The format relies on a universal video format that won’t tax processors. Video size is kept to a minimum, giving viewers the right quality for each size screen.

By using the new ad format, PointRoll says advertisers can create the look and feel of desktop video on mobile devices. Ads can be up to 30 seconds long and should boost engagement.

“This is great news for advertisers,” says Todd Pasternack, PointRoll’s vice president of digital innovation and product strategy. “Using ordinary coding, our team enables advertisers to reach consumers on mobile devices with high-impact content. Our advertisers have been asking for this capability, and we’re pleased to be able to offer it to them.”


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